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  • How do I get a quote on Cushions Etc.
    Fill out the Custom Quote information below, with your exsisting cushion sizes and any detailed information. Add links to fabrics that you are considering if youre using your own. or Give the name of ours.
  • How should I measure my Square or rectangle ottoman, "
    1. Measure the width and length including the cording if it has cording. 2 Measure the length of the Skirt that you're wanting. example: If you want the length to go all the way to the floor measure from the top of the ottoman to the floor [minus 1/2"] If you dont want it to touch the floor. If you want it shorter so that the legs show, Give the finish length that you would like, [not the actual base of the ottoman, because it will be too short]
  • How do I measure my round Ottoman
    1. Measure the width from edge to edge. 2 .Measure the circumference with a soft table measure or a string. and measure the string after wrapping it around the ottoman, 3. Give the desired length.
  • My Headboard is Curved, How do I measure"
    The best way to measure, Is to trace all or half of your headboards curve top and mail it to me.
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