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Replacement Covers for Outdoor Cushions

Replacement Covers for Outdoor Cushions


Renew Your exsisting Cushions with new cushion covers.

Let us make your Outdoor Cushion COVERS summer ready. If you have Existing outdoor cushions that you would like to change or If you’re needing to start from scratch by purchasing foam from sellers online or local supplier You've come to the right place.

We make new Cushion COVERS using your Foam. and your Outdoor Fabric OR Our Fabric [choices are in the additional pictures]

This Custom order will ship out in 4 weeks!

So, pair your new or old foam with our covers with these easy steps.
Steps to take:
1. Measure the width, length and depth of your cushion. [If your cushion is more than 25" deep there will be an additional cost]
2.Send pictures if possible of bench or other Furniture
3. Shop for outdoor fabrics here or a fabric store online and send link for accurate yardage. 
When you give measurements please indicate if you're using your fabric or ours, If using ours please give the name of the fabric for an accurate quote
4. After you receive the quote and you're ready to move forward ,Have your fabric sent to me directly.  Please request the address

  • Return or Exchange

    All items are custom and cannot be returned or exchanged.

    We work hard to make sure that your product goes out in excellent condition, and assure that the size that you give, is what we go by, however If you have a problem please let me know, so that we can figure out a solution. If you need an alteration because of the size we will be glad to correct it if its possible, there however will be an alteration and shipping charge. Send us an email if this is the case and we will work it out.

  • Shipping

    This Custom order will ship out in 4 weeks!

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