Performance Sofa Chair Cushion Scarf Topper | Cushion Slipcover Topper


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Match your ottoman with this Performance Cushion Scarf Topper. It is double sided with the same fabric for a slight thickness and can be flipped when need be.
This scarf is designed to enhance your furniture with more color and prevent unwanted to dirt and simple spills from immediately ruining your furniture. The fabric is a performance fabric. The washable choices, can be thrown in the wash. The spot clean only choices, can be spot cleaned with a simple cleaner.
What this is not: It does not promised to be a pet protector and is not water proof
It simply enhances and gives a slight bit of protection, Thats it!

The Performance Scarf Topper comes 25" deep
Measure the area that you would like to cover and add extra for going down the sides of the cushion. The photo shown has even more adding to go under the cushion, its up to you!
If the measurements shown won't work for you, choose the closet number and add your actual measurement in the personalized field.