Custom Pillow Covers Using your fabric


Do you have left over fabric from an upholstery job, Or you’ve found a fabric that you can’t live without in a local store or online and would love a few pillow covers made. I can help!

This listing is for fabric only! And not pillows made from clothing, sorry !

These are Pillow Covers only and does not include the inserts, but does include a concealed zipper.
You have the choice of welt cording, [First Image]no welt or a flanged edge.[Last Image] See additional photos, for examples
Velvet requires special attention [ The price is higher for this reason]

For rectangular pillows, choose the cost for your widest width. example: 12 x 24. [ choose the 24" pillow]
You can have fabric shipped directly to me if you’re shopping online.

Please Ship your fabric within 7 days of paying, your 21 day shipping time starts

If you ship fabric directly to me from a vendor, please add your name on the second line of the mailing label as c/o

Please ship to:

French Vanilla Charm

612 SE Daly court, Port Saint Lucie Florida 34984